“It makes engineers more productive.”

Once upon a time I operated as Principal Engineer for an excellent Toshiba embedded software team in Nashville, TN. Our team was primarily responsible for digital television embedded software and the final build delivered to manufacturing. At times it was a daunting job, with our team delivering software for digital television models throughout the world. With language, culture, and … More “It makes engineers more productive.”

Cellular IoT Firmware Challenges – embedded.com article

embedded.com has accepted and posted an article I authored. The editor certainly came up with a better title than my original. The new title: “Taming erratic cellular latency with “extreme asynchronous” IoT firmware design” The article’s abstract: Many Internet of Things (IoT) devices incorporate cellular modules to enable the device’s internet access. Incorporating a self-contained … More Cellular IoT Firmware Challenges – embedded.com article

Who Owns Your Property?

Bear with me briefly, I’ll tie this back into electronic devices shortly. The question is: Who owns your property? Seems simple, right? The possessive pronoun implies all. As expected, you own your property. You should own your property. However, an amazing number of organizations and people that do not directly own your property think and act … More Who Owns Your Property?

Battery Life: GPU versus CPU

I have lately had the privilege of contributing to two projects involving hand-held battery powered embedded systems. Both of these devices visualized acquired data with soft or near real time constraints. In both projects the selected embedded System On a Chip (SoC) provided for GPU options, but the hardware team purposefully selected SoC variant’s without an internal GPU, relying on … More Battery Life: GPU versus CPU