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Common C++ namespaces

Reference of various common C++ namespaces, updated from time to time, may be found on this blog entry.

Golden Nuggets of Embedded C and C++

Presented April 2018 at NashMicro, this presentation includes a grab-bag of tips, snippets, and hopefully good advice for anyone delving into firmware and embedded software.

The presentation is here.

Real Time Operating Systems Jump Start

Presented Feb 2017 at NashMicro, this “jump start” presentation gives an overview of Real Time Operating Systems, focused on FreeRTOS. Toss in a bit of the ESP32 microcontroller, MQTT, LedStrips, and an accelerometer for a spicy demo.

The presentation.

Demo code for this presentation may be found here: GitHub-FreeRTOSEsp32….

Taming erratic cellular latency with “extreme asynchronous” IoT firmware design

An article written for (Oct 2016), discussing the firmware and embedded software challenges associated with using cellular IoT modules in an embedded system.

The article.

Courage! TDD and Embedded Software

Presented October 2015 at NashMicro, inspired by James W. Grenning’s book Test-Driven Development for Embedded Cthis presentation explored Matthew’s recent experiences with Test Driven Development in the embedded software arena.

The presentation.

Event Driven Software and Statecharts

At the July 2016 NashMicro meetup, Matthew explored his favorite embedded software architecture while simultaneously demoing a simple mailbox alert project using LoRa based radios. The fundamentals of this approach were inspired by Miro Samek’s book Practical UML Statecharts in C/C++: Event-Driven Programming for Embedded Systems.

The presentation.

Qt5 with a Dash of C++11

Matthew introduced the NashMicro meetup to Qt5 and how he uses it with various C++11 features to be more productive in developing embedded applications.

The presentation.