Consulting and Contracting

We love to to bring electronic devices to life by following software engineering best practices to deliver professional, maintainable, and high quality embedded software. Check out our consulting details to learn more.

Source Code Review

The embedded software and firmware engineering domains present unique challenges to the engineers tasked with delivering the code. An expert source code review may be just what is needed to help a team move forward with confidence. Review our source code review page for further details.

Best Practices

Embedded software and firmware engineers may never have been exposed to software development best practices. An expert, focused on best practices applied to the embedded software domain, may be exactly what is needed to help your team reliably deliver high quality software. Check out our best practices advisor services to learn more.

Software Architecture and Design

The near-infinite flexibility in software design can be overwhelming. An expert in embedded software and firmware architecture may be exactly what a software team needs to help create an initial software architecture for launching a new product development cycle. Please review our architecture and design services page for further details.

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