Premature optimization?

“…premature optimization is the root of all evil…” – Donald Knuth This well known quote by Donald Knuth represents hard-earned wisdom for which many software engineers should consider and broadly follow. Yet with any succinct rule we must be vigilant in our application and apply it appropriately. In some cases it may be found that … More Premature optimization?

Tenderfoot: Introduction to Magic (Numbers that is…)

Hi there… New post over on From the article: So, why did I pause and take note of this particular code? We will skip over the eye catching “requires about” statement in the related code comment and focus on this primary issue, what experienced software engineers will immediately recognize as: “magic numbers” Read more … More Tenderfoot: Introduction to Magic (Numbers that is…)

Questions to Ask: Software Architecture, Design, And Coding

The process involved in architecting, designing, and writing embedded software and firmware is complicated, but I believe often times may be guided with a set of questions which must be continually evaluated by the engineering team as software development proceeds forward. This post provides a few of the questions I might be considering during my personal process. … More Questions to Ask: Software Architecture, Design, And Coding

Favorite Tools: C++11 std::array

My latest post from “Many embedded software and firmware projects must be developed to high standards of reliability. To meet these reliability requirements, firmware project teams will consider many design tradeoffs. For example, an engineering team may avoid or outright ban the use of dynamic memory allocation, a feature typically accessed via the C library call “malloc” … More Favorite Tools: C++11 std::array