Best Practices Advisor Service

Embedded software and firmware teams often consist of talented engineers with backgrounds in electrical and computer engineering. These teams are experts in the devices and electronics used to create their target product. However, these same teams sometimes lack training and experience in software development best practices. This may result in unpredictable or chaotic software development lifecycles creating frustration for both the engineering and management teams. Furthermore, firmware teams are typically small, frequently averaging less than five engineers. Because of smaller team sizes, firmware team members may have never been exposed to software development best practices, further reducing internal mentoring opportunities.

With our best practices advisor services, your software team will have access to decades of focused experience as applied to the embedded software and firmware domain. As part of this service we will:

  • Review the team’s primary target product and technology domain.
  • Interview management and key software team members to determine current software development practices.
  • Create a custom plan and roadmap for introducing new or improved best practices.
  • Deliver customized training to support desired improvements.
  • Provide as-needed and ongoing advice to help fine-tune the team’s software development practices.

We love helping teams deliver high quality software. If your team could benefit from access to an expert advisor on best practices, please contact us at:

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